Boost Your Life Skills

I am Woody Goulart and I am here to help you boost your life skills:


I have been a coach, consultant, mentor, and teacher/trainer for adults continuously since the late 1970s. That was when I worked within large and small organizations. See my qualifications. Today I work directly with individuals like you to help you boost your life skills so you create new happiness and success in your life.

Rooted in Real Life and 100% Natural

At the core of the professional guidance / coaching / mentoring I provide is a process rooted in real life that is completely natural. I refer to this as mind voice. If you use mind voice as I do, you can discover a happier and more successful without magic or medications.

Woody Goulart says: The investment you will make toward boosting your life skills should be very important to you. My prices are very reasonable and there are no hidden fees or surprises:

Four Life Skills Coaching — four life skill outcomes — $199.99

You get these four life skill outcomes:
— develop your best personal brand
— upgrade your public speaking and digital media communication skills
— make the most of your self-awareness, motivation, empathy, and building relationships
— tap into the proven powers you already have in your mind to gain happiness and success

Why is the Four Life Skills Coaching priced like it is? Four Life Skills Coaching is priced as a loss leader. This is an aggressive pricing strategy of selling a service below cost to disrupt the market and attract customers who likely will make purchases of other services that make up for losses on the below-cost item.

Customized Coaching is available for anyone who wants to benefit from life skills coaching services assembled in a custom-configured package with negotiable prices. Contact me to inquire about custom-configured packages to suit your individual needs.

Email Mentoring is available to anyone for $50 per week. No other purchase is necessary.

Telephone Mentoring is available to anyone priced at $50 for a one-to-one phone call with me. No other purchase is necessary.

Also available: life coaching for gay men