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Starting in a Small Market

Since I was born and grew up in San Luis Obispo, CA, my first contact with the radio industry was at the small market level. While I was in high school I was asked to read news and sports on a Saturday morning show on KSLY (AM), the local rock and roll radio station at that time. That was an unpaid gig, but I will always remember that as a very important first step for me into the radio industry.

My focus during college was journalism, reporting/editing, and news production. My first paid commercial radio experience was in San Luis Obispo at KVEC (AM). Of central important to my radio industry work was my college radio experience in San Luis Obispo while I was in the journalism degree program at Cal Poly.

Major Market Experience

The high point of my radio industry work was in Los Angeles. My transition from small-market into major-market radio is the subject of my eBook in which I detail the personal and professional growth I had on the way towards eventual redefinition and rebranding of myself as I left the radio industry due to the inherent financial risks of maintaining a permanent career there.

Small Market Rides Again

In the 1970s, I worked part-time to have some extra beer money during my master’s degree program at Humboldt State University. The stations were KFMI (FM) in Eureka and KNCR (AM) in Fortuna. Also during that decade, I worked part-time to have some extra beer money during my doctoral degree program at Indiana University. Notice any pattern here regarding beer? The station, WBWB (FM), was a semi-automated station in Bloomington, IN. My most recent radio industry work was during the 1990s had nothing to do with beer money at all. This gig was more about cowboy boots: I worked full-time in country music radio advertising sales and production in Arizona at KFLG (FM) in Bullhead City.

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