Remembering Ron Jacobs

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Ron Jacobs (1937 – 2016) was just simply unique and unforgettable.

I met him face-to-face for the first time in 1975 at his home in the San Diego, California metropolitan area. I was only a kid of 25 years of age the day I met with him—he was 38 at the time—to record on tape his recollections and comments about Boss Radio.

I am the quintessential “outsider” (I did not work with him at KHJ) but was his friend from the 1970s onward. I posted many of his comments on my Boss Radio tribute site and helped him produce his KHJ eBook and Drake interview eBook on Amazon.

Between the late Seventies and his death in 2016, I maintained contact with RJ by telephone and email. Over the decades, he confided in me many things that I later wished he had not. But, such is the nature of friendship.

The most disturbing thing that he ever told me was that he was estranged from his adult daughter Miki’ala Jacobs. RJ never got to meet his grandson, Max.

These family issues were the source of deep pain that RJ told me he felt as a father. I urged him to write about how and why the estrangement with his daughter had happened, but RJ was clear with me that he wanted nothing to do with putting such things into writing.

RJ also confessed to me that he was greatly saddened each time he thought about his contemporaries from the radio business who had died. Several times he voiced his doubts with me that he, himself, would survive past his 70s. I interpreted what he said to me about growing older in the same context of that famous song, Ol’ Man River by Jerome Kern and Oscar Hammerstein II from Show Boat: “…tired of living, but scared of dying…”

The Fairfax Theater in Hollywood was the scene of a celebration when the keys to a shiny new 1965 Boss Mustang were presented to Miss Ilene Jackman, the winner of the first Boss Radio/KHJ Magic Key contest. Seen here (left to right) are KHJ General Manager Ken DeVaney, Ilene Jackman, KHJ Program Director Ron Jacobs, KHJ Promotion Director Clancy Imislund, and (in the background) the 1965 Boss Mustang.




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