Company (LLC)

I have set up a limited liability company (LLC) within which I work providing COACHING & CONSULTING for personal and professional life. I also help improve your use of technology through my web development services. The company name is B Com, LLC, which stands for Buzz Community.

I currently am providing 24/7 technical consulting and webmaster services if you have a large organization such as The Santa Clara County Fairgrounds Management Corporation in San Jose, CA Link. And, I’m also are a perfect fit providing no-stress and no-worries webmaster services if you have a small business in the tourism/hospitality industries such as Oregon Trail Mobile Estates in Sutherland, NE link.


Legal Business Name B Com, LLC — B COM stands for
Buzz Community
Promotional and
Marketing Campaign Names
Buzz Community Online
Coach Woody Goulart
Las Vegas Neon Fun Desert
Vegas Neon Fun Zone
Business Email
Business Phone: 702-850-0170
Business Fax: 702-543-5454
Business Address of Record
Ship to/Business Mailing Address:
1930 Village Center Circle Suite #3916, Las Vegas, NV 89134-6299