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Your eBook on Amazon

Offering your eBook on Amazon for sale to the public is one of the most desirable and cost-effective ways for you to do outreach to your target audience. The subject matter is not as important as choosing Amazon as your distribution channel.

Immortality and Marketing

If you are the author of a book, you gain immortality. So they say. Looking for a way to gain immortality (without becoming a vampire) and succeed in marketing at the same time? Oh, come on, you must keep reading after an intro like that.

There are no secrets to this. Well, maybe one or two carefully obfuscated tactics, but no actual secrets, per se.

What you need is to be published in your own eBook. There will always be books made of paper. However, the present and the future of books is already living in the eBook format.

To ignore Amazon and Kindle and eBooks right now is to miss out of a revolutionary communications channel. This is no exaggeration. Contact me today for a free consultation to learn more about how I can help you today.

My Track Record

I have produced these eBooks that all are available online right now:

Adventures in Airtime: Personal Stories of USA Radio People — Volume 1: Secrets of Selling By Don “LA RADIO” Barrett
And There Will Always Be Termites — A golden couple travels from celebrity to wheelchair on a journey of survival, reinvention, and inspiration. By Patrick Kelley (KMET-FM) and Melody Rogers (KCBS-TV)
Baja Clavius (science fiction time travel adventure series) By Madeira Desouza
Go Buzz Power: Shortcuts for Your Success in Life Today By Woody Goulart
KHJ Inside Boss Radio By Ron Jacobs (1937 – 2016)
KHJ, Los Angeles: Boss Radio Forever By Woody Goulart
Last of the Seven Swingin’ Gentlemen — Personal stories about one man’s transformation from private citizen to media celebrity and back again. By Elliot Field (KFWB)
Mind Voice: All You Need to Start Using Your Mental Powers By Woody Goulart
Okay, Okay, I Wrote the Book By Chuck Blore


standard price $80 per hour weekdays standard price weekends or rush jobs $90 per hour
loyal customers / Las Vegas locals special price $60 per hour weekdays loyal customers / Las Vegas locals weekend or rush jobs $70 per hour

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