Your Personal Brand

I have written extensively on the subject of creating or fixing your personal or organizational brand. I can help you succeed in this.

What is Brand Coaching?

You get customized, one-on-one coaching specifically to improve your personal or professional brand. Visit my Business Win Coaching page for more information about the brand coaching that I have available.

How Does This Coaching Work?

As your brand coach, I will guide you through the step-by-step instructions to clarify and amplify your brand. You will need to act upon the recommendations in these steps if you want to effect changes in how your brand is transmitted to the public and how your brand is perceived by people.

But, I will start off here today by giving you some very valuable knowledge that would take you years to attain elsewhere:

You need a generous amount of unusual personal honesty about your personal and professional traits. This is not at all easy to do, but you can do it if you work at it with clear intent to succeed.

Start by answering these questions about you:

  • Why do others respect me?
  • What particular traits do others see in me or my actions that persuade them to respect me?


Following Up

Let me give you free step-by-step instructions to empower you with a basic understanding of personal branding that you can apply to your own situation.

Back in the days of the Wild West, a brand was a letter or a symbol or a combination of both that cowboys burned into the skin of livestock. Everyone who saw that brand would immediately know that the brand meant someone specific owned that particular animal. This practice of branding dates back as far as ancient Egypt.

Today, if you want to stand out compared to others who are applying for the job that you want, you need to focus on a brand of a different kind. This brand is for human beings, not cattle. You do not want this brand to be on your skin (even if you think tattoos are fashionable.)

Let me provide a basic definition of what a personal brand is: For you, your personal brand should be the sum total of all that you, as an individual, use to make yourself distinctive in public compared to every other person.

Your personal brand needs to include all five of these essential elements:

(1)–What you are like on the outside (your outward appearance versus your inner self)

(2)–How well you communicate verbally and in writing in public

(3)–What others perceive of your most dominant character trait (e.g., friendly, grumpy, warm, cold, reclusive, trustworthy, etc.)

(4)–What it is about you that makes you unique compared to every other person

(5)–What it is that you can do for others in your career that makes you unique compared to every other person

Visit my Business Win Coaching page for more information about my brand coaching.

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