Life Coach in Las Vegas

Las Vegas

Las Vegas rewards those who make smart choices.

Think of pro sports franchises like the Golden Knights and the Raiders or a trend-setting resort such as The Palms.

Now you, too, can make a very smart choice.

Boost your personal and professional life forward today the Las Vegas way!

VEGAS LUCKY 777 LIFE is here!

This is not about…

  • life insurance
  • health coverage
  • eating the right food
  • drinking less
  • losing weight
  • airline tickets to Las Vegas
  • casino resort hotel vacations in Nevada
  • swimming pools
  • movie stars
  • card games
  • slot machines
  • roulette wheels
      …or anything like that.


Here’s what this is…

*** for people who are smart

*** for people who know exceptional value when they see it

*** for people who right now want someone highly-qualified who can help get them more from both their personal and their professional life

Watch this short two-minute video which has details for you:


VEGAS LUCKY 777 LIFE is a brand name of a proven and effective way for people to upgrade their life.

This shows you how to boost your happiness and success in both your personal and professional life.

This does not involve you changing your beliefs or your values.
This is enjoyable and fun to do.

You can stop feeling that you may be lost, confused, or possibly stuck in a rut on an incorrect path in your life.

Don’t wait. You want life-improving benefits to start in your life right away.



…brings you together with a skilled and experienced pro who lives and works in Las Vegas, Nevada.

He has learned valuable life lessons in Las Vegas and elsewhere that he will share openly with you.

He can spare you deep suffering and loss of your sanity.
He is available on a one-to-one, personal basis to…

  • help you make good decisions
  • guide you so you set and reach goals
  • deal well with life’s many everyday challenges

No medications. No pills or supplements. No magic. No bullshit.



This is a very smart, short-term, affordable way for you to begin to attain more happiness and success in both your personal and professional life.

Here are the SEVEN PARTS in Doctor Woody Goulart’s VEGAS LUCKY 777 LIFE UPGRADE: (Click for full-size image.)

Vegas Lucky 777 Life Upgrade details


VEGAS LUCKY 777 LIFE UPGRADE is the name of a step-by-step personalized guidance, mentoring, and coaching service available for you on a one-to-one basis with Woody Goulart, Ph.D. in Las Vegas, Nevada.

You gain from high-quality time together talking by phone and Skype and exchanging emails with Doctor Woody Goulart, an exceptional mentor and advisor.

You benefit from his wealth of knowledge and lessons-learned that he will share openly when you sign up with him.


Short Term:  Only 7 Months


You Pay:   Only $111 per month

Easy installment payment plan with zero interest fees added.

Special value-added features for those who pay $777 in full.

This price is for a limited time only. So, don’t wait.
You won’t want to miss out.
Written & produced by Woody Goulart, Las Vegas, Nevada
Text him now at 702-845-5331 or send email to